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Algerian History Questions



Question 23:

After surveying the history of the last five years, what is the most significant event in your country's recent history?  Why?


The most significant event in the history of Algeria was the recent civil war that lasted from 1991 until 1998 between the Algerian government and the Islamic Salvation Front, a secular Islamic political group that tried to gain majority in the Algerian legislature.  The executive branch of the government fought back, banning further elections to stop the group from taking control of the government.  The army got involved in stopping the Islamic Salvation Front, and supporters of the group attacked government buildings.  The issue soon developed into a civil war.  The Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) took on a role of insurgency, until 1998, when he government won control over the issue, and all of the extremist groups in support of the FIS were disbanded by 2000.  The war resulted in over 100,000 casualties, most of them civilian lives that were taken in village raids by the FIS.  The civil war was a great setback to the country politically, socially, and economically, and it is still a haunting past which itís citizens wish to forget.


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Question 24:

Select two notable events in world history that occurred in the area of your country and describe them.


       During the second half of the seventh century, at the beginning of the Islamic expansion, members of the first caliphates sent men to go through Africa spreading the word of Muhammad.  These teachings were brought all through north Africa and across the Straight of Gibraltar, which, along the way, covered the people of Africa.  I think that the introduction of Islam to the people of modern day Algeria is one of the most important events in the history of the Algerian heritage because today this religious identity is the unifying force among 99% of the population of Algeria, all of whom are of Sunni Muslim heritage.

       The other significant historical event in the history of Algeria and itís people was the colonialism period, during which the French owned the land which today comprises the country.  This period lasted from around 1848, up until Algeria gained its independence in 1962.  This period of time during the French imperialist rule over Algeria had a great impact in shaping the culture and politics of the country.  French is the second most spoken language in Algeria, second to Arabic, which is the national language.  Algeria has close economic and cultural ties to France, as it is their number one trade partner as well as the source of Algeriaís national culture.  The basis for Algeriaís current state was laid by French imperialists who conquered the area after they signed the Berlin treaty in the 19th century.  Algeria has consistently tried to emulate their mother country since they were granted independence.  The French colonialist period was one of the most important events to mold modern Algeria and its culture.



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